Kotton Grammer Media, an internet marketing and advertising firm specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was begun in 2013 by its namesake, Kotton Grammer, who was only 30 at the time. In a matter of only four years, the company has grown from start-up to a multi-million dollar enterprise that is recognized for excellence in its field worldwide. The company manages a massive client-base, supposedly taking on 150 clients each month, and to date, it has been written up in Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Inc.com, and Tech.com. Clearly, this young man has taken his young company on the fast track to success.

However, despite the recognition that his company has received and despite the enormity of his accomplishments, Grammer surprisingly doesn’t like to get caught up in the glamor of it all. He has now had numerous opportunities to chase the limelight of success, but has, for the most part, kept his head down and pressed on with his work, a deliberate decision on his part. As evidenced by the few interviews he has given, Grammer’s goal is not the fame or the fortune but is the fortune and fruits of his labor as well as success and excellence for their own sake. In fact, when asked what most motivates him to work so hard, Grammer replied that it was a fear of failure and mediocrity. Beating these fears has meant hard work and humility.

Indeed, to achieve what he has so quickly, Grammer has had to find humility in and for his work. As mentioned above, and as he has even discussed in interviews, he has elected not to waste time pursuing the limelight so that he can stay focused on his work. While this has meant foregoing fame, it has ensured that the quality of his work and the amount he has been able to accomplish are vastly greater than if he had allowed himself to focus on building up his ego and reputation.

He is also not afraid to get his hands dirty, even as his company has grown and provided him the opportunity to pass the dirty work off to employees. One of the biggest things Grammer emphasizes and has advised other business owners to consider as well is the importance of not being too lazy or too proud to dig into the industry research so that he can continuously improve his work and process. Furthermore, while many business owners would rather hire others to do the research and be the knowledge experts for them, Grammer believes that business owners should do this work themselves. To Grammer, a growing business with more assets to hire more employees is not an excuse for him to stop working hard or even to stop working with clients. If anything, he sets the standards for his employees to follow.

To achieve the amount of success that he has in the speed with which he has accomplished it has required many sacrifices on Grammer’s part. He has stayed focused on his work, constantly seeking to improve it and make it more efficient. This has meant forgoing opportunities to bask in the limelight and has also meant, due to the nature of his work, missing out on more human interaction.

Grammer has admitted to limiting his face time with clients so that he can avoid wasting time in meetings and getting his job done, which is just another indicator that Grammer isn’t worried about what people think of him so much as about doing quality work. Not all business owners are able to swallow such a pill, and while some of his strategies and attitudes may seem difficult and even counterintuitive, they have certainly proven successful for Kotton Grammer.